Four Ways To Save Money for Deck Building Season

Four Ways To Save Money for Deck Building Season

The winter season does not have many opportunities for working on your deck. Colder months are best for planning and saving if you want a deck to remodeling. 

If you want a big deck project during the summer, you need to start saving for it now. Below, we will give you five tips you can use to save money for the deck-building season.

#1: Plan A Budget

Your first step is to create a budget based on your to-do list. This budget needs to be ready for a specific date and break down costs line-by-line.

Without a proper budget, you are grasping at straws. By having a date of implementation and a dollar amount in mind, you can start with step two with greater ease.

#2: Start Saving Today

When planning a deck remodeling project, saving money needs to start as early as possible. This is why you need to define how much you can set aside each month to be ready by the season. 

Given that the cost can be anywhere from $2 to $5 thousand, It can take a year before you get there. It is good to estimate that you will spend $1 per labor for every dollar you spend on deck supplies. 

Knowing your spend limit and saving from what you can afford makes things much more reasonable.

#3: Make A Priority List

When it comes to major remodels and decking, you need a priority list. This list enables you to determine what is worth giving up if your project hits the wall. 

When dealing with paint, supplies, and labor, people almost always underestimate the costs. It’s safer to overestimate, so you are mentally ready to sacrifice some aspect of your decking project before it is too late.  

If too much of your priority list is inaccessible, it might be better to wait until you can afford your project. It isn’t very reassuring to find out more than half of your project is financially impossible. Waiting until you can get your dream deck isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

#4: Understand Your Square Footage Limits

The number of square feet you have available is a good determinate of two things: The lumber you will need to build and the topmost limit you have for size. 

Both are significant points of contention for contractors and homeowners alike. Larger decks have slightly varying building codes and require more support. Meanwhile, larger projects need more supplies and costs. 

It’s crucial to find a contractor you trust and someone willing to give you the reality of things. Getting quotes from contractors should be a pretty early point in the process, enabling you to eliminate ideas before they get too far. 


When it comes to proper decking, there are a lot of supplies and worries that can go into it. Often, costs are underestimated, so it’s best to assume that your budget might need some wiggle room. We hope these four ways to save money for deck building season help you out.

By starting today (this winter), you’ll be ready by the time the colder weather becomes more cooperative. Contact Citywide Post Hole Digging today to secure your slot.