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Is a Deck a Good Investment in 2020?

Anytime you can increase the amount of useable space you increase overall home value. A new deck is such an incredible return of investment. Depending on your region, you can expect a large return on investment. Some deck ideas give you more return than others.

What is the ROI of a Deck?

Depending on materials and initial cost, expect to recoup over eight percent of your initial investment. A high-quality professionally installed deck will last for years, giving your family a space for entertaining and relaxation. When you resell, the deck will earn you back value more than a family room addition or a new bathroom remodel. Think about deck ideas which really utilize space in a practical way. For example, your deck might overlook a beautiful valley or pool, or perhaps you can find a way to extend living space with a deck, pergola, and room for a full living room set.

Deck Material

When investing in a new deck you want the best materials. While cheaper materials may seem like a good bargain, you need materials which will last. Quality wood has a much higher rate of return than cheaper materials. Why? High quality wood is both attractive and durable.

Deck Size

Your deck should be large enough to accommodate dining, entertainment, and lounging. Some decks accommodate a large grill, dining table, or storage. Work with your designer to find a design which makes the most of your space.


You need a new deck with easy accessibility for everyone. That means that you have safe stairs and a deck built off the first floor. Avoid installing narrow stairs with steps or a deck built off the second floor. Why? Most homeowners find that building a deck off of the kitchen offers the most accessibility, especially to bring in food and entertain guests.

Budgets and Cost

When installing your new deck, take into consideration your overall home value. A modest sized home needs a smaller deck than a large mansion. Do you really want to “wow” guests with a large deck? Then talk with your designer. They will help you find the perfect solution for your deck needs.

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