What is the Cheapest Fence to Build?

What is the Cheapest Fence to Build?

Building fences can be pretty expensive, depending on the material and labor required. When it comes to selecting the wall you want, balancing desire and budget isn’t always straightforward. To avoid blowing up your wallet, we’ve composed this article on answering the question “what is the cheapest fence to build?”

Depending on the type of fence you want to build, the most inexpensive options are wire or picket fences. Wire fences are about $2 per foot, and picket fences are typically about $10 per foot. Other affordable options include split-rail, chain link, and vinyl.

In the rest of this article, we will break down your options based on cost-per-square-foot. We will also provide you some methods you can use to save additional money.

Fencing Materials Sorted By Cost of Square Foot to Determine the Cheapest Fence

Typically speaking, fencing that uses the least material is going to be the least expensive. As a result, the five cheapest materials include the following:

  • Barbed/Hog Wire: $2 to $6 per sq ft
  • Picket: $10 per sq ft
  • Chain Link: About $15 per sq ft
  • Split Rail: About $20 per sq ft
  • Vinyl: About $25 per sq ft

Because wire fences are simply posts with wire wrapped around them, they don’t require much material. Such a process’s labor costs can be hefty, as wire fences are typically for vast property stretches out in the country. However, you can use them anywhere you want if you are willing to put up with the design behind them.

If you want to limit your selection to the classic wood fence look, your options may look closer to the following:

  • (Some) Pine Fencing: $15 per sq ft
  • Picket: $15 per sq ft
  • Vinyl: $25 per sq ft

Other Tips to Save Money on Fencing

While many options can save you a good chunk of money, they may not be quite what you want. If you are looking to save more money on fencing, here are some extra tips:

Use Recycled Wood

If you find someone disposing of a large quantity of wood, take it. You may not see the wood that you immediately want, but you can sort through the stack to find timber of a specific texture or color. The amount of “free wood” ads in your area might be surprising if you look through local resources.

Use Old Pallets

If you are looking for a DIY method to enhance your garden, consider repurposing old pallets. These may not be best for separating your yard from the sidewalk, but they are great for adding a unique flair to your garden.

Hire Someone Who Will Do it Right the First Time

If you are particular about your preferences, you are allowed to be. Even if you seek out the cheapest fence, there’s no judgment on being a little picky about things. After all, if you install something in your yard, you want to make sure it’s done right.

You might think that getting the cheapest local option for an installer is a great idea. Still, when half the fence is falling over, you’ll find yourself having to make another investment. To avoid this situation, consider CityWide for your future projects.  

Final Thoughts

Picking the cheapest fence isn’t always easy. There are material costs and labor costs to consider. Also, you don’t want to skimp on quality. We hope that this guide helps you out in thinking of the best fence for your needs.