3 Different Wooden Fence Styles for Your Yard

3 Different Wooden Fence Styles for Your Yard

Building a fence for your yard is a big step as a homeowner. Choosing the right style is easy for some and more difficult for others. If you’re having a hard time deciding what style of fence to put up, here are 3 wooden fence styles as well as why they’re worth considering.

Post and Rail Fence

Post and rail fences are the type you usually see surrounding a large livestock field to keep them from wandering off too far. However, these also have their place in suburbs with large yards. These won’t keep a dog in. However, they do a great job of marking the property line and telling your kids how far is too far while they’re playing outdoors.

This fence design doesn’t offer much protection from prying eyes, but that may be a benefit to you. Not everyone is interested in walling off their yard. Post and rail fences provide a boundary while still allowing plenty of light and airflow into the yard. Plus, they give your yard a kind of country chic vibe, which many adore.

Additionally, post and rail fences come with the added benefit of costing less to install. Because they’re not made for privacy, they require fewer materials and less labor to construct. 

Furthermore, if you decide on a post and rail fence now only to end up with a dog in the future, this style is adaptable. Any small animals that you want to keep in the yard can be easily contained by using the post and rail fence as a frame for something more secure. You can attach pickets to the rails or simply roll out some chicken wire and use the fence to hold it securely in place. What’s better: attaching chicken wire provides a secure yard for small pets while also being reversible. If you decide to sell your home, it’s not hard to remove that addition for future residents.

Louver Fence

Louver fences specialize in privacy. These are made with tall, vertical posts and many narrow, horizontal slats with small gaps between them. This type of fence is hard to look past from a distance but allows airflow and light.

This type of fence is perfect for bordering a driveway, porch, patio, deck, or other regularly accessed area surrounding your home.

Vertical Board Fence

These are, perhaps, the most common of the suburban, wooden fence styles. They border backyards all over the country and prevent others from snooping, trespassing, or stealing. They also come with the added benefit of keeping things in as well as they do out. Children can play in the yard with very little risk of them leaving the yard or encountering danger. You can let your dog outside without a leash and it’s unlikely to get past a vertical board fence without extraordinary jumping talents.

Vertical board fences come in many more specific styles. The boards can be placed directly beside each other or can be alternated back and forth on opposite sides of the horizontal rail they’re attached to. You can even point the board on these fences, like pickets. This will make it less appealing to hop and will also allow rain to run off easier.

Wooden Fence Installation in Toronto

If you plan to have a fence installed around your yard, home, or business in Toronto, City Wide Post Hole Digging is here to help. Give us a call and we can discuss when you want your fence installed and exactly what style you want it in. We look forward to working with you!