The Best Fence Styles for Homes with Dogs

The Best Fence Styles for Homes with Dogs

If you’ve got a dog – or many – you know there are some things a home needs to accommodate them. One of the most important is a good fence. Having a yard is great, because it means you can let your dogs run free and get plenty of exercise and fresh air. However, if you don’t have a fence, your dogs lose almost all of the benefits of that big yard. So, City Wide Post Hole Digging is here to help you get a dog-proof fence in order. If you’re planning to have a fence installed, you should be informed on which fence styles are best for homes with dogs.

Privacy Fences Reduce Barking

To start, let’s tackle the ever-present concern for any dog owner with neighbors: how do you keep your dog from barking all day? Some dogs are naturally more quiet, while others are happy to bark for hours straight. If your dog likes to keep you informed on the goings on of the neighborhood, the best way to keep it pacified is by installing a privacy fence.

Any kind of fence without gaps to see through could be considered a privacy fence. The goal here is to prevent your dog from getting a clear view outside of the yard. Territorial dogs will spot a stranger across the street and go on high alert. Keeping their gaze within the perimeter of the yard will ensure they understand the boundary of their territory a bit better. That makes privacy fences one of the best fence styles for homes with dogs.

Tall Fences Increase Security

If you’ve got a big dog, be sure you don’t rely on a short fence to keep them in. This may seem like a no-brainer. You might be thinking, “Sure – why would I get a picket fence for a greyhound?” Actually, we’re talking standard fence heights. A big dog with an agenda can jump a standard fence with ease. If you know you’ve got yourself an energetic dog, go for the maximum fence height for your lot.

Vertical Fences Help Prevent Escape

Another consideration is the direction your boards are going. Some tall privacy fences that are used commonly for small-perimeter spaces – such as around a patio – have narrow, horizontal boards. These can look really nice and cozy. However, the horizontal direction of the boards means a dog can gain traction when jumping against it. If your dog is bent on getting past your fence, any amount of additional traction can aid and abet. Opt for vertical boards that won’t give them any additional lift.

Hire Toronto’s Best Fence Company

City Wide Post Hole Digging services the entire GTA and has done so for years. If you have a fence that needs building, give us a call and let us know. We’ll put it together ASAP and give your dog the space it needs to run free.