Can You Build A Deck During Fall?

Can You Build A Deck During Fall?

When it comes to setting up new projects, summer seems like the ideal time. The less inclement weather you have to deal with, the better off you are. Still, can you build a deck during the fall?

Despite the weather, many builders are in their off-season phase, making them ready to pick up any work. It can also help you get ahead of the rush of other homeowners who prefer building during the summer.

Below, we will provide you with a pros and cons list of deck building during autumn.

Why Should I Build A Deck During Fall? (Pros)

Despite what you might believe about fall, it is an excellent time for building projects. Much of this comes from the temperate climate that autumn brings.

Unlike spring or winter, fall isn’t known for as much precipitation. Sure, it is a bit colder, but not so much that it ends your projects. You are also less likely to run into rain or thunderstorms.

Because of the lack of fluctuating weather patterns, humidity tends to be lower as well. This makes it more suitable when installing pressure-treated wood, an ideal choice for decks.

But what about Summer? Summer can be uncomfortably hot for some. Also, if you like to spend time outdoors, you might find your yard taken up by this project, interrupting your outdoor hobbies.

Finally, most contractors are not receiving as many jobs because of people’s perception of fall. So you might find a higher number of people willing to help you at shorter notice.

Reasons For Choosing Other Seasons (Not Fall) For Deck Building (Cons)

The biggest issue with building a deck in the fall relates to temperature. While colder temperature tends to be a bit better than winter, freezing temperatures still make the ground hard. Hard ground is incredibly challenging to dig post holes in, making for major delays near the beginning of the process.

Colder temperatures also have challenges when applying deck stain. Wooden decks require this to gain that fresh moisture-resistant coat. Without this coating, the deck is exposed to the moisture that comes with the winter months.

Another area of disappointment comes from your level of use. With winter being around the corner, you might not be able to enjoy your deck that often. On the other hand, you could argue the opposite, as your deck will be ready for the spring months.

Wrap Up – Should I Build My Deck During Fall?

If you aren’t building a wooden deck, the answer is yes. Without staining issues, the only thing stopping you is hard ground. Given some fall temperatures can still get up to the 60s or 70s, you can schedule your deck building to take advantage of warmer days.

Otherwise, wooden decks are best left to spring and summer, where the warmer ground helps and the deck stain can be applied properly. If you want to see about getting your deck built during a non-standard time, contact our team of specialists today.