Great Deck Decor Ideas for Fall

Four (Plus One) Great Deck Decor Ideas for Fall

Halloween is the first sign of the holiday season, but Fall is a decorative style by itself. A deck is one of the best places you can express your love of the season.

To celebrate this time of year, we’ve got five deck decor ideas you can steal to enjoy the fall season.

Idea #1: Pumpkins Ribbons, and LED Lights

Putting pumpkins everywhere is a safe bet. However, regular old pumpkins are pretty boring by themselves.

One way you can add a unique aspect to those pumpkins is through ribbons. The ribbons can fit any color scheme you want, as the “fall color” is already done through your orange pumpkin.

Many people like to wrap these pumpkins in blue or white ribbons, accenting the orange pumpkins. But what about when you get closer to Halloween?

You can keep the ribbons, but candles require a bit of care. Tea lights or LEDs require a bit less maintenance, so you don’t have to remember lighting them each night. You also have less of a fire hazard.

Idea #2: A Vase With Dry Twigs

Fall is the first sign of rebirth for mother nature. With that in mind, you see a lot of dead trees and twigs lying around.

Rather than clean them up, you can re-purpose those twigs by placing them in a vase. Combine them with class yellow and orange leaves, and you have a beautiful reminder of fall.

Idea #3: Lanterns as Lights

Outside of Fall, other months don’t talk a lot about lanterns. However, lanterns are an underappreciated piece of rustic decoration.

Placing lanterns on outside patios and tables draw attention to your home. You can even replace your outdoor lighting temporarily.

Lanterns also provide a natural method of protecting whatever you place inside of them. Just be sure that the lanterns you buy can handle a bit of candle wax. Otherwise, consider alternative lighting measures.

Idea #4: Natural Colors Through Blankets and Pillows

Outdoor patio seating is fully taken advantage of with hot cocoa. To keep that seating comfortable, don’t forget your blankets and pillows.

Choosing the design of those items to be natural fall colors is a must. The oranges and deep browns immediately make you think of warm places.

You can also apply that logic to the patio furniture. Redwood furniture and redwood for your deck is a good choice. If you don’t particularly like the type of wood, staining the wood is another option.

Wrap Up – Five Great Deck Decor Ideas for Fall

The bonus idea for deck decoration comes back to redesigning your deck. Fall is an excellent time to think about new designs.

While summer is typically when you spend most time outside, fall is when you spend outside near the home. You want a deck that screams, “I could read a book here.”

To get that deck, contact our specialists at City Wide to make your deck dreams become deck realities.