Tips for Maintaining Your Deck After Construction

Tips for Maintaining Your Deck After Construction

 When you finish with your deck, it’s great to walk over it for the first time. But if you are like most people, maintaining a deck is a bit of a foreign concept. So, how do you maintain your deck after it’s done?

It’s best to give your deck a regular scrub with soapy water. Do this once a month during heavy use and once every couple of months if you use it less. Keep it clear of snow during the winter months.

Below, we will go through a few more tips you can take to keep your deck in good condition.

Tips for Keeping Your Deck in Good Condition

Tip #1: Have it Professionally Cleaned Every Few Years

Every three years, you’ll want to have the deck professionally cleaned. Professional cleanings are in the case where you don’t already own a pressure washer.

The professional cleaners typically have more attention to detail than the average eyes. Well-trained cleaners can also get to spots that are generally challenging.

Tip #2: Restain it When the Color Fades

Much like with professional cleaning, you will need to reseal the deck every few years. A good reseal should be done on a warm, dry day, preventing any unwanted water from being sealed within.

During your regular resealing process, you’ll also want to restain the deck. Restaining the deck is only necessary if the color fades from the original look.

If your deck is still new, take a picture of it to know how it should look. That way, you can determine how far your deck is from the ideal stain.

Tip #3: Avoid Grill Stains

One menace to your deck happens when you splash it with grease. A greasy grill is ordinary, but grease on the deck isn’t something you want. Grease stains are some of the most challenging things to get out of wood.

Be careful when grilling on the patio. If you want to avoid this entirely, you can move your grill from the deck. Otherwise, have a good grease-catching system in place to prevent this situation.

Tip #4: Keep Your Eyes Open for Old and Decaying Wood

Another common deck-based menace is when the wood on it has aged beyond its use. Leaving decaying wood behind is a surefire way to injure someone.

Make sure you respond to damage on your deck promptly. Take a look while you clean to see if any of the wood looks off or the railings are wobbly.

By responding quickly to any broken or aged wood, you prevent your deck from further damage. It also ensures that any visitors remain safe.

Wrap Up

A good deck maintenance strategy always starts with a schedule. You won’t have to worry about your deck getting old through monthly and bi-monthly cleanings and checks.

If you want to be sure your deck gets off on the right foot, contact our company at Citywide to make sure your deck is professionally finished.