Custom Deck Design and Building Services

Custom Deck Design and Building Services

A deck adds something undeniably social and interactive to your home. It gives you a place to host friends and family and make memories. Not to mention, it gives you a place to enjoy the outdoors without having to get too up close and personal with the dirt and everything that dwells therein! However, adding a deck to your home means someone has to build it. If you have some great ideas about what you want it to look like, but aren’t keen on putting it together, we’re here to help. City Wide Post Hole Digging does more than just digging holes. Here’s how we can help you with our custom deck design and building services.

Simple, Low Deck Designs

If you’re interested in a deck that’s low to the ground and simple, that’s an easy mission to accomplish. We have many designs that will work well for this. A low deck can be one step above the ground, meaning no stairs. Or, if you’d like a bit more height, we can add a step or two. 

The Benefit of Deck Height

Why does deck height matter? If you can build a deck low to the ground, why wouldn’t you? It’s safer and it’s easier to get onto, right? While those things are true, having a deck that’s a few steps off the ground can be good for a few reasons:

  • Your deck should, ideally, be high enough to sit above the cement foundation of your home. Visible foundation at the back of the deck, where it meets the house, is unsightly. Additionally, it’s hard to mount the deck to the house this way.
  • A higher deck means a better view. Whether you’re looking at your yard or at nature, a higher position means a better view. This makes it easier to sit back, relax, and still see your kids where they’re playing.

Decks with Benches

Simple, flat decks aren’t for everyone. There are a lot of bells and whistles a deck can have. For example, decks can come with built-in benches. If you enjoy sitting in the sun but don’t feel like putting lawn chairs on your deck, a bench is a great solution. Or, you can opt for both. Deck furniture is great for adults, while a wooden deck bench is perfect for your little one who’s covered in dirt.

Deck benches are typically built on the inside of the railings, along the edge of the deck. Therefore, the railings function as a backrest. However, benches can also be built along the back of your house as well. These are great for extra seating, or even storage space for things like plants or shoes. 

Professional Deck Building

Whether you’re looking for a custom design, or just something befitting your home, we can make it happen. Simply come in and consult with us and we can go over your options. The consultation process is easy. Start by giving us a call and we can set up a good time and place for both of us to talk. We can talk in our office, using dimensions and photos, or at your place, where we can see the building site in person.