Why You Should Build That Deck You've Always Wanted

Why You Should Build That Deck You’ve Always Wanted

It’s not an uncommon dream to have a deck. They make a beautiful addition to any home and provide a cozy place to gather with friends and family. Plus, if you don’t like walking around in the dirt, they’re a nice place to step outside barefoot and enjoy some sun. If you’ve wanted to build a deck for a long time, here are a few reasons we think you should make the leap.

Morning Coffee in the Sun

If you enjoy a nice, morning coffee – or even some morning tea – building a deck gives you a great place to drink it. There’s nothing like that first sip of the day, fresh and hot, under the morning sun. Drinking a cup of coffee in your kitchen or at the dining room table may be a nice routine, but it doesn’t have the whimsy of drinking it outdoors. That, however, can be easily obtained.

Instead of sitting indoors as the sun rises, going outside to sit at a table on a porch or deck is much nicer. There’s that slight chill of the remaining night breeze, followed by the warmth of the sun’s first rays of the morning. The birds are chirping and the world feels as if it’s just waking up also. Plus, you can go outside and enjoy this part of the day without getting your feet or shoes soaking wet from the dewy grass. 

Make More Family Memories

Having a deck means creating a great family escape in your backyard. It becomes easier and more comfortable to sit outside while the kids play, watching them have fun while enjoying a book or magazine. Game night can take place at the deck table, instead of the dinner table. Cookouts can really be cook outs. All of these great excuses to go outdoors with your family are an excellent way to make more family memories. If you and your kids enjoy a day outdoors, they’re sure to have plenty to look back on with the addition of a deck.

Turn Date Night Romantic

Love to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Take date night up a notch. Instead of spending the evening in the living room or dining room, set up a nice table for two under the stars. Even on a chilly night, a nice blanket over the shoulders can be enough to fight off any discomfort. In return, the view will be unforgettable, and so will be the work you put into making the night romantic.

An Excuse to Host Friends

Finally, whether you have a family or not, to build a deck is the perfect excuse to host friends. With enough comfortable space for all to pull of a lawn chair, you’re bound to become the new meeting place. Drag out your grill or get yourself a little fireplace to set up on your deck. From then on, going to your house will be the only step preceding a night of drinks and marshmallow roasting.

Easy to Build

If you’re ready to get that deck you’ve always wanted, City Wide Post Hole Digging makes it easy. Just give us a call and we can discuss your deck needs and get you a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!