Why You Should Build a Pergola in Spring

Why You Should Build a Pergola in Spring

Looking for ways to improve your home and garden? One of the best ways you can do so is by building a pergola. These fantastic structures are gaining traction in popular garden design – and for good reason. And, our professional craftsmen at City Wide Post Hole Digging are here to let you in on why you should build a pergola too!

What Is a Pergola?

You may not recognize the name of a pergola, but you’ve almost certainly seen them many times before. You know those wooden garden structures that look kind of like a mix between an arch and a gazebo? Those are pergolas! These fantastic structures are made with crisscrossed wooden beams on top to form a series of supports for plants. However, they can be used for all kinds of garden-enhancing decor.

Why Build a Pergola in Spring?

You may be wondering what it is about spring that makes it the perfect season to build a pergola. The fact is, pergolas are primarily for plant-lovers. Even if you aren’t great at gardening, you can get some low-maintenance vines to creep and crawl through the cross-sections of your pergola.

If you do enjoy gardening and would love so see your pergola come to life, spring is the best time to get it built. It’s the perfect time to deck it out in flowers, vines, and hanging baskets in time to see them all bloom.

Additional Pergola Decor

A pergola may be perfect for displaying flowering vines, but they’re great for other garden decor too! If you enjoy spending the evenings in your back garden, light the place up with some string lights. These can be woven through the pergola with ease. Combined with vines, you’ll have a truly magical sitting area.

Plants that prefer the dirt to climbing up a wooden structure can also be made at home here. Use the wooden beams to secure hooks for hanging baskets. Hanging plants that enjoy overflowing will spread the green into the space below.

Finally, we can’t forget the beauty of some lovely hanging fabrics. In the hot season, some lightweight curtains in different vibrant colors will really make a pergola pop. Without much rain to be concerned with, these fabrics will look amazing, and can be pulled shut to keep out bugs in the evening too. Consider laying a colored curtain with a tulle fabric. The tulle can be closed by itself to allow continued visibility while screening bugs out.

Professional Pergola Builders

Want a pergola but aren’t much of a builder? That’s perfectly fine! City Wide Post Hole Digging specialized in fences, decks, and even pergolas. Let us know you’re interested and we can start discussing design and when to begin construction.